When I was a young Christian I didn’t handle adversity well. I worried. I fretted. I brooded for days on end. It took time to learn over the years the power of prayer and professing God’s promises in my life. It took time and experience with God’s faithfulness to trust that He always had my best interest at heart and that He was always working behind the scenes in my favor according to His will and purpose for my life. I am still learning.

I have learned to keep praying and working as an ambassador for Christ at all times and never stop praising the name of Jesus! Remember, Jesus said that, “the servant is not greater than his lord”, (St. John 13:16). Our Lord Jesus was hated, envied, scoffed, devalued, ambushed, considered crazy and a son of Belial by some and if you are doing God’s will and called by His name so will you. In the end He was resurrected and vindicated by the same power that is working in and for you and me today!

And don’t be caught off guard or surprised if some of your most grievous wounds come from friends, family, fellow believers or your own falterings. Learn to over-look destructive behavior, pray for them, forgive them, forgive yourself, correct your course as need be and press on. The world, the flesh and the devil will use whatever or whoever they can to discourage and embitter you; which is purposed in part to hinder the work of the Holy Spirit in and through you.

You must learn to press through trials and temptations because you are the light for this dark world and you must work as Christ’s ambassador while it is day. The night is coming, (discern the times) when no man can work, so press on.

If sickness or lack visit you, remember they are defeated foes by the finished work of the cross and your faith in it. Profess that by His stripes you are healed (Isaiah 53:5). The scars Jesus bore through scourging and buffeting have already purchased our healing from all manner of disease. And because the Lord is your shepard, profess that you shall not lack….goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life (Psalms 23:1,6). Believe it! Proclaim it with your lips! There is creative power in your declarations of His promises. Submit to God, resist the devil and his works and he will flee from you (James 4:7).

Even when your heart is temporarily heavy by a myriad of difficulties. Keep giving Him the sacrifice of your praise because that is one of the things the accuser of the brethren (Satan) wants to rob from you. Every time you praise God with your whole heart it is a stark reminder to the accuser of the glorious assignment he once had, as God’s chief worship leader. The joy of the Lord is your strength (Neh. 8:10)! His influence in your life’s circumstances is weakened and you are strengthened/anchored in the Lord!!!

This strengthening is a mysterious undertaking of the soul. It is a taking up of your cross to follow Him (Luke 9:23). It is a coming to know Him not only in the power of His resurrection, but in the fellowship of His sufferings (Philippians 3:10) .

You don’t want fair weather relationships do you? Well neither does God. Endure hardness as you continuously worship Him in spirit and truth. Your reward will far out way your trials. Believe it!

By Z Hunt.

Copyright © 2014

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