Welcome to Yoursoulfirst.com!

Hello, I am Z Hunt.  You probably realize that you are a spirit, that has a soul,  and that soul lives in your body. You feed your body daily the nourishment it needs to thrive. Here you will find inspirational Christian writings and musical selections or suggestions that feed your soul and spirit so that they thrive also. My goal is that we grow together as we navigate our way through the complications life can present.

Over 35 year ago God called me out of darkness and into the marvelous light of Christ Jesus. Yes, because of faith in God through Christ I was “born again” and have experienced from then until now joy unspeakable and peace that passes understanding. That does not mean I have not encountered life’s disappointments and hardships. It means that I have overcome them through His abiding presence, power and promises. Neither does it mean that I have not had my share of faults to overcome. Indeed I have – again through His presence, power and promises.  And I am yet, (as we all are) a work in progress.

In this blog I will share with you the things I have experienced and learned in the light of the word of God and I hope you are abundantly blessed. These things may come in the form of random post or excerpts from other writings of mine that are in progress such as “Solutions”, “Menaces of Life and Ministry”, and “Before They Die”.

For stirring, inspirational music visit my husbands website at http://www.DannyHuntMusic.com

Also, please visit my fun and informative health and beauty blog at http://www.HowToLookAndFeelLikeYourDaughter.com

I hope you visit http://www.Yoursourfirst.com often. Whenever you find yourself in need of encouragement or Christian fellowship think of us. And please share it with your friends and family. You will be helping us share the gospel’s good news and strengthen believers.

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